Tavs Jorgensen

Originally a craft potter, Danish born Tavs Jorgensen has in recent years focused his practice on research. Exploring the creative use of digital design and production technologies, Jorgensen investigates how these new technologies can be used in synergy with traditional hand-skills and material knowledge.

Tavs Jorgensen

His research seeks to establish methods in which new computer-interfaces can facilitate personal and ‘human’ aesthetics in objects created with digital tools. The investigations include the use of new technologies from non-design fields and seek to capture visual evidence of the use of the human-hand in the creative process.

Jorgensen employs motion-capture and 3D digitisers, using them as free-hand tools to create spatial drawings that can be used as the basis or 'sketch' for making physical artefacts.

Jorgensen is a Research Fellow at Autonomatic, a 3D digital research unit at University College Falmouth. Autonomatic is a unique group of design researchers exploring and developing innovative approaches, integrating digital technologies with traditional making processes. With their roots in craft practice they're interested in developing autonomous and integrated design processes that facilitate individual creativity. Their research challenges the boundaries between craft and industrial production. The ceramic, glass and metal design products of their research are exhibited worldwide, winning national and international awards, and their research is disseminated through international journals, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Autonomatic University College Falmouth

Tavs Jorgensen Tavs Jorgensen
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