Prick Your Finger


Prick Your Finger is an ever-evolving response to textiles in its myriad forms, run by Rachael Matthews and Louise Harries. They operate from a shop in Bethnal Green selling UK based and ethical yarns. They have a textile gallery window, a teaching room, and their own practice as makers. Prick Your Finger loves textiles to be situationist, architectural, spiritual, nurturing and an excuse to party.


“Prick Your Finger grew out of a love of arts and crafts, and a commitment to the ethics of straight edge punk band Fugazi, a four-piece of post hardcore, DIY superstars from Washington DC, 1987-2002. Through our practice as makers and businesswomen, the words 'Fugaziesque' or 'Fugaziisms' have become part of our language. We wanted to explore this concept through choosing four representative pieces from the Crafts Council Collection 40:40 selection. In response we made a lo-fi movie, with a mobile phone, bike lights, disco lights, marker pens on cardboard and a plastic cutting board. Our choices felt clear. Our visit to the collection proved that the Crafts Council store room itself is Fugaziesque, with brave ideas, collected, packaged and protected with safe industrial materials, and brought out as a gift for our senses, without being for sale.”