Dress 09, Autumn Winter 2008 - Tom Gallant, Marios Schwab

Dress 09, Tom Gallant, Marios Schwab, 2008. Image © Alex Lee

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Date of making
Date of acquisition
Textiles: Laser-cutting, machine stitching, hand-stitching
Grosgrain, georgette, silk, zip, wire
H1450mm x W640mm
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United Kingdom
Place Trained
Camberwell College of Art & Design, London, MA Fine Art Print, 1998-2000, Southampton Institute of HE, Southampton, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, 1994-1997
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Craft is embedded in the core of Tom Gallant’s highly collectable and widely exhibited paper works. Dress 09 is the result of a unique collaboration with fashion designer Marios Schwab, in which Gallant skilfully realised the transition of his paper works into a wearable material form. Such successful collaborations are rare and deserved recognition in the Crafts Council Collection. The acquisition of Dress09 by the Crafts Council exemplifies how emerging material-based artists and designers are repositioning themselves through opportunities and collaborations beyond the gallery.

Gallant’s inspiration for Dress 09 was the starting point for the Crafts Council’s 2011 online exhibition ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’.

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Tom Gallant

“The appropriation of the language of craft and its historical relevance have continually driven my research and processes. William Morris was an ideal figure to describe the relationship between man and nature, artist and craftsman both great and flawed. His company's wallpaper designs were the obvious choice for relating the repression of women through pornography, inspired by the 19th-century novel Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. This short story became my impetus for creating a series of collections and I was approached by Marios Schwab to collaborate on prints for his 2008 Autumn/Winter collection based on the resulting works. The process of the collaboration created a framework from which to explore existing and developing ideas and techniques.”

Tom Gallant

Tom Gallant, Artist


From the Archive

Fabric swatch, Marios Schwab Autumn Winter, 2008. © Marios Schwab

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