Wedgwoodn’t Tureen - Michael Eden

Wedgwoodn't Tureen, Michael Eden, 2010. Image © Nick Moss

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Date of making
Date of acquisition
Ceramics: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Rapid Manufacture
Plaster, gypsum material, non-fired ceramic coating
H410mm x D260mm
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Blackburn, England
Place Trained
Royal College of Art, London, MPhil, 2006-2008
Parkside, Hale, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7BL, England
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After 20 years as a studio potter, Michael Eden undertook an MPhil research project at the Royal College of Art and began to explore how an interest in digital design and manufacturing could be developed and combined with the craft skills he had acquired during his previous experience.

Playfully entitled Wedgwoodn’t Tureen, this reinterpretation of a classic piece of Josiah Wedgwood pottery is a strong example of the successful fusion of traditional craft skills with digital technology in the Crafts Council Collection. The lidded tureen based on designs from the 1817 Wedgwood Creamware Catalogue was designed using a rapid manufacturing machine, which ‘prints’ in three dimensions from a digital file. Eden’s knowledge of ceramics enabled him to rapid manufacture the piece from a plaster and gypsum material to which a non-fired ceramic coating was applied. Its sheer beauty belies its wit and historical resonance, and the way in which it questions the meaning and essence of objects.

Wedgwoodn’t Tureen featured in the Crafts Council’s 2010 CraftCube programme. The piece was displayed alongside a commissioned film by onedotzero. It was also included in the BBC’s A History of the World website.

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Shane RJ Walter

“Eden blurs traditional ceramic craft skills with an appetite for digital tools and technology. He has created a freshly iconic piece for today in conversation with the past. In one pot he has hyperlinked two revolutions, leaping from the industrial 1800s to the digital 2000s with a sense of wit and adventurous bravado.

The result is a bold contemporary work that shape-shifts between pottery and product design via art and architecture. Brilliant in its mix of heritage and modernity, innovation and history, the tureen is a striking piece that at once attracts your eye then grabs your mind and finally plays with your heart.”

Shane RJ Walter

Shane RJ Walter, Co-founder/Creative Director of international moving image and digital arts organisation onedotzero.

Produced by onedotzero
Michael Eden – Wedgwoodn’t Tureen

From the Archive

CraftCube Collection: Michael Eden at DMY International Design Festival, Berlin. Image © Carola Schmidt

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