Ballet to Remember - Maria Militsi

Ballet to Remember, Maria Militsi, 2009/10. Image © Nick Moss

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Date of making
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Jewellery making: Lost wax casting, assemblage
Found objects, mixed media, 18ct gold
Up to W250mm x H60mm x D50mm
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Thessaloniki, Greece
Place Trained
Royal College of Art, London, MA Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery, 2006-2008; Middlesex University, BA (Hons) Jewellery, 2003-2006
Unit 5 Exhibition Studios, 269 Sussex Way, London N19 4JD. England
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In an attempt to absorb what already exists rather than adding to the world, Maria Militsi collects objects that she feels have ‘suffered loss’ be it that of an owner, function, completeness. It is this ‘power of absence that makes us look, and the space left by a missing object’ that drive her work.

A series of pendants moulded by lost wax casting a pair of doll’s shoes and discarded objects, the Ballet to Remember series reassesses the object’s function by filling their empty space with precious metals. Ballet to Remember featured in the BBC’s A History of the World website.

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Maria Militsi

“Ballet to Remember is a collection of 11 pieces choreographed by Felicity and Edna Dean’s book published in 1944 demonstrating a variety of ballet poses. The book illustrates a young girl performing positions of ballet. Accordingly ballet feet emerge from defunct or overused everyday objects as an attempt to suggest a certain state of metamorphosis.

This particular collection is personally significant in terms of challenging form and scale. Considering that up to that stage my work was only jewellery based, the Crafts Council’s positive response enabled me to be more creative within my practice.”

Maria Militsi

Maria Militsi, Jeweller


From the Archive

Artist's Book, Ballet to Remember, Maria Militsi, 2010. © Maria Militsi

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