Loop - Helen Maurer

Loop, Helen Maurer, 2002. Image courtesy the artist and Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London

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Date of making
Date of acquisition
Glass: hand-cutting
Glass shelf, glass objects, wooden objects, light bulb
W270mm x L695mm
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Portsmouth, England
Place Trained
Royal College of Art, London, MA Ceramics and Glass, 1995-1997; Central Saint Martins, London, Post-graduate Diploma in Fine Art, 1992-1994; Brighton Polytechnic, Brighton, BA(Hons) Visual and Performing Arts, 1987-1990
32 Castellan Road, London W9 1EZ, England
Winner, Jerwood Applied Prize: Glass, 2003
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Remembered places, many from the South Coast of England, provide Helen Maurer with her subject matter. She often employs glass and light to create her special brand of installation, ideas and themes evolving through experimentation with these combined mediums. In Loop, she created miniature three dimensional glass models, through which the light passes to cast a life-size image of the scene onto the wall. Maurer likens the process of making to reconstruction and a search for something familiar, as though the pieces might already exist and the task is to find them.

Maurer’s work featured in the 2001 Crafts Council exhibition ‘Solid Air’, curated by glass maker Emma Woffenden, which profiled the work of four artists, each approaching the material from a different perspective.

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Shelly Goldsmith

“I am entranced by Helen Maurer’s work. Loop evokes many childhood memories of holidays spent in a caravan on the Norfolk coast.

Maurer’s work plays with glass, light and colour. It cleverly transports you - a portal to another place - whilst simultaneously presenting a series of crafted and honed objects, thoughtfully placed on a glass surface or often an overhead projector. This unexpected synergy allows the viewer to enjoy moving back and forth between the physicality and materiality of the piece and the atmospheric scene projected before them.”

Shelly Goldsmith

Shelly Goldsmith, Textile artist. Crafts Council Trustee. Crafts Council Acquisition Advisor, 2003 – 2005.


From the Archive

Extract from catalogue for the 2003 Jerwood Prize for Applied Arts: Glass, which Maurer won. © Crafts Council

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