Flat Jug - Steven Newell

Flat Jug, Steven Newell, 1979. Image © John Hammond

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Date of making
Date of acquisition
Glass: mould-blowing
Lead glass
L190mm x W60mm x H190mm
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Maker Details

Massachusetts, USA
Place Trained
Royal College of Art, Ceramic and Glass, 1972-1974; Carnegie Mellon University, 1969-1972; Kansas City Art Institute, 1968-1969
12 Victoria Terrace, London, N4 4DA, England
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On leaving the Royal College of Art, Steven Newell joined The Glasshouse in Covent Garden, later to become a director. In 1986 he set up Glassworks London Ltd. At this point his work progressed in two different directions: production items and one-off pieces. The Art for Glass production range has developed over the last 20 years. The range, of which Flat Jug is an early example, is entirely made by hand using traditional glass blowing techniques and sold internationally with great success. Newell's one-off pieces have taken many forms over the years, and a number of them can be found in the Crafts Council Collection.

The piece was amongst the works selected by Alison Britton for the 2009 exhibition ‘Three by One’, for which Britton chose works from the Crafts Council, The Crafts Study Centre and the British Council collections.

Newell’s work was included in the ‘Industry of One: Designer-Makers in Britain 1981-2001’ exhibition at the Crafts Council Gallery.

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Rafael Molina

“How is it that something that looks like water can contain water? This jug reveals a contemporary concept: things must look as though they fulfil their function. Why? One obvious reason is that in modern life, we are too busy to play guessing games as to an object’s function, so it needs to be immediately apparent what something is for. Steven Newell presents an object that naturally conveys this transparency. There are many transparent objects that reveal what is inside, but also objects that hide their internal parts, such as complicated electronic devices.”

Rafael Molina

Rafael Molina, Curator, Sala El Farol Art Gallery, Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile


From the Archive

Image from catalogue for the 'Three by One' exhibition developed by The Crafts Council together with the Crafts Study Centre and the British Council. Image © Edward Park

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