Alphabet Poster - Ron King

Although the puff adder cannot fly it has caught the hornbill - Gillian Lowndes

Arcady - Edmund de Waal

Asentamiento Dress from the series ‘Duende A Time for Healing’ - Julie Cook

Ballet to Remember - Maria Militsi

Bedside Table/Alarm Clock - Michael Anastassiades

Big Beautiful Vase II - Lucian Taylor

Brooch, Spirit Level Series - Dorothy Hogg

Bubble Bath - Nora Fok

Budgie Teapot - Angus Suttie

Chair - Alan Peters

Cliché - Laura Potter

Conditions for Ornament no.4 - Michael Rowe

Cross-fire Teapot, Natural Occurrence series - Geoffrey Mann

Deep Bowl with lines incised through black pigment over white glaze - Rupert Spira

Dress 09, Autumn Winter 2008 - Tom Gallant, Marios Schwab

Flat Jug - Steven Newell

Grid Dish - Dail Behennah

Hand of Good, Hand of God - Freddie Robins

Loop - Helen Maurer

Mad Kid’s Bedroom Wall Pot - Grayson Perry

Miss Ramirez Chair - El Ultimo Grito (Rosario Hurtado & Roberto Feo)

Neckpiece With Thin Articulated Pendant - Helga Zahn

Observed Incident - Audrey Walker

Primary Orbits - David Watkins

Prototype Square Table - Michael Marriott

Remember Me - Michele Walker

Room Temperature - Lin Cheung

Self Assembly - Philippa Brock

Small yellow bowl - Lucie Rie

Space Ship Derelict - Paul Astbury

Star Tesselation Dish ST 14 - Drummond Masterton

Star Wars Chair - Fred Baier

T-Shirt and Jacket - Susie Freeman

Table=Chest - Tomoko Azumi

Twig Brooch - Hans Stofer

Virgin and Child - Philip Eglin

Wedgwoodn’t Tureen - Michael Eden

Wednesday Light - Tord Boontje

Wobbly Dress - Caroline Broadhead